Kayen Peppa



American Watch Company

American Watch Company allows customers to completely customize high end watches.
It is mostly targeted to businesses who want to engrave, add logos, customize colors, text, case and dial of a watch with the visual identity of their brand.


The User Journey & Experience

Their website has two key features, the e commerce section where clients can browse and choose from the different brands available and a customization tool that has an advanced interface that allows the users the flexibility to modify the watches according to their unique preferences. The challenge here was to create a design that not only enhanced those functionalities, but that also worked properly on both the desktop and mobile version.


Branding & Aesthetic

In revamping the website, Kayen Peppa successfully implemented a clean, modern and minimalistic design, yet elegant and representative of the image and high standards of the company. While maintaining the business credibility of the company, the design was also more enticing and aesthetically appealing.


The result

The new website, while maintaining its core essentials (sales + customization tool) with its clean lines and flat colors, not only conveys the seriousness and rigor characteristic of the company values, but also exudes elegance and luxury which are also key elements of the company’s image.