Kayen Peppa



Bandwidth Finder

Bandwidth Finder is an innovative application that allows businesses to compare different bandwidth providers and technologies (cable, fiber optic and more) available by location, thus helping them streamlining their financial budgeting process.


The User Journey & Experience

Understandably, there is a vast amount of information to be sorted through, which required a dashboard capable of handling very complex data. One of the main challenges was to find an intuitive and efficient way to visually organize the amount of information while keeping the app’s aesthetic and functionality.


Branding & Aesthetic

Kayen Peppa created all the branding and visual identity for this project. From the logo development, color scheme, typography, and more our task was to find the optimal color balance and contrast to highlight the key information and maintain efficacy, while keeping the design inviting and approachable.


The result

The final result was an app with an soothing color scheme, featuring different shades of blue on an overall bright background. The objective was to convey a simplicity and ease of use while using contrasts in color as a tool to optimize the organization and clarity of the vast amount of information to be displayed, thus making the process more intuitive for the user.