Kayen Peppa




Citizen is a platform that streamlines the FAFSA process for the students, making it simpler, faster and ultimately easier. Each year, billions of dollars are forsaken on the table because students do not file their FAFSA. The reasons? The government website is clunky, not responsive and the questions asked are often way too complex for a student to comprehend. Citizen is changing that.


Making The Complex, Simple

Kayen Peppa handled the system design, UX, branding and conversion optimization for this project. Citizen FAFSA was a brand new product that needed to be built from the ground up. The challenge: Simplify the tedious online FAFSA filing process by making it intuitive, fun and of course mobile friendly.


Conversion Optimization

Once the product ready, Kayen Peppa conducted multiple A/B tests and iterations to increase the conversion rate & completion rate. All these tests and improvements were conducted based on a strong users behaviors research and data analysis which lead to the profitability of the product.      

Control (left) Vs Challenger (Right)
+18.94% CTR
Control (left) Vs Challenger (Right)

Phone & Tablet Optimized 

This product was made completely optimized for the phones and tablets, allowing students to apply for student aid on the go, during their commute or from the comfort of their home. It also allows students without desktop computers to apply without having to go to the library or use the public computers from the university which are not optimal when personal and confidential information need to be provided.