Kayen Peppa




DemandBase is the leader in Account-Based Marketing (ABM). It helps B2B marketers identify and target the accounts they value the most. ABM solutions typically include account-based data and technology to help companies identify, attract, engage, convert, close and then measure progress against customers and prospects.


UX & Information Architecture

Kayen Peppa handled the system design, UX and branding for this project.
The wireframes were designed with extreme precision to be handed to the design and development team along with a rigorous specification document.     


UI & Interaction

For a project like DemandBase, the design and aesthetic must serve the user experience at its maximum. There is no room for gimmicky UI components. The color scheme, shapes, tables, dropdowns and animations have all been studied to maximize the user comprehension and ease of use, resulting in a seamless and incredibly intuitive experience.