Kayen Peppa



Philips - Hue

Philips Hue is a personal wireless lighting system that lets the users easily control their lights and create the right ambiance for every moment. The lights can be easily controlled via desktop computer, mobile or tablet giving the users an incredible freedom.  


Getting To Know Hue

The first impression is always the most important. That's why the landing page that presented Hue to the public was key. It needed to be simple enough to not overwhelm the users with unnecessary informations but exciting and fun enough to retain users and make them want to learn more.    


User Interface & Interactions

The user interface design needed to reflect the app simplicity of use, as well as the excitement and fun of being able to set color ambiances in different rooms.              


Desktop experience

The desktop experience allows users to go one step further into the settings of the app. Besides, it let users share their settings and color ambiances with others, creating a large community of Hue lovers and users which works as an additional element of virality.