Kayen Peppa




Monument is an e-commerce website specialized the sale of sport gear and equipment. It especially targets customers focused on recovery items and tools to push one’s limit, which a common issue most of its customers face.


The User Journey & Experience

Kayen Peppa was tasked to facilitate the user journey and experience by allowing the users to quickly and efficiently find the appropriate products based on their own individual needs. The goal here was to simplify the browsing experience (both on desktop and mobile) by making it more fluid and simpler, while keeping the necessary description of the different items.


Branding & Aesthetic

For this project, Kayen Peppa offered two main design directions that showcased and emphasized in greater details the characteristics of the different product offered. While keeping the original logo, it was able to create a whole branding system with personality that adequately reflected the company’s vision and goals.


The result

The result was a fusion of both original options presented to the client who was able to select preferred elements from each option and combining into a new and improved website that was not only more aesthetically favored, but also improved on the overall main objective which was to optimize the user experience.