Kayen Peppa

Naked Box


Durex - Naked Box

Design the next Durex condom box! Upload your own design or create it directly on the website using the “love toolbox”. Users can participate to the contest or “like” and vote for their favorite.


The Context

 Durex wanted to create an online design competition in which young adults would compete for the opportunity to have their artwork featured on Durex condom packs sold around the world. The purpose of this campaign was to develop a different, fun and enticing way to educate the youngest generation on the importance of using condoms.


The Love Tools

Design enthusiasts were able to enter the contest by logging in the website, uploading their own design or creating their own artwork directly on the sites using “sexy” tools such as the Frisky brush, Vibro pencil, Kinky Curves, Love Bucket, Lube Spray, Massage Oils, and many more.        


The Result 

Unique visits to the site in 6 weeks
Shares, designs and votes
Designs created