Kayen Peppa




Playable is an easy-to-use platform that optimizes your video content to drive the maximum audience engagement and response from your Video Marketing Campaigns.


The User Journey & Experience

Kayen Peppa recommended the gamification of the user experience. One of the main areas of focus was to make the process of video creation more enjoyable, interactive and appealing for the users. The goal here was to create a sense of conviviality, keeping the user engaged and motivated thorough the entire experience.


Branding & Aesthetic

The design needed to translate a sense of playfulness accessible to most users regardless of their level of knowledge, making the overall experience more enjoyable for them.


A Cohesive Design System

While it already had a logo and color scheme, Playable was lacking a well-defined design system. Kayen Peppa translated their original vision into a unique and visually cohesive system, that highlighted the efficacy of the product while keeping it simple and more intuitive for the user.