Kayen Peppa




Plinx is an app that allows users to gather all their favorite music in one place. Users can search and import music from various platforms like Youtube, SoundCloud, Spotify and even from the music they previously shared on Facebook. The songs can then be organized into playlists and played seamlessly even if they come from different sources.


Mapping Out The Concept

Kayen Peppa handled the system design, UX and branding for this project.
The wireframes were designed with extreme precision to be handed to the design and development team along with a rigorous specification document.     


Branding & Design

For a music application like Plinx, the design and UI components must inspire fun and excitement as well as a sense of exclusivity and uttermost modernism. It's the perfect opportunity to experience new navigation practices that surprise the users and entice them into using the application more and more.