Kayen Peppa

Tondo Art


Tondo Art

The Tondo Art app is an app designed to assist in making art choices. Thanks to insider knowledge of the art world—as well as the proprietary Tondo Art algorithm—the Tondo Art app gives you all the facts you need to make an informed decision about art purchase. All from your phone.


The User Journey & Experience

Kayen Peppa was asked to design a simple user experience, both fun and effective.
It is common knowledge that collectors spend a lot of time and effort browsing through hundred of art pieces before making a choice. The mission was to make that browsing experience as fluid and fast as possible without compromising or undermining the artists' work.


Branding & Aesthetic

The Tondo Art team wanted a fresh and energetic design yet neutral enough so that it wouldn't interfere with the artists' work and art pieces. Kayen Peppa, after multiple iterations, found the right balance between modernity and neutrality with a clean and balanced design mixing a strong action color and a warm dark background. Creative direction by the talented Thomas Peterson.