Kayen Peppa

Wolkswagen Vans


Volkswagen Vans

Redesign of the VW UK Commercial Vehicle website. This complete redesign features a brand new "look and feel" and tailor-made back-end. The idea was to create a unique experience for the users, so they can easily and quickly find the information they need about vehicle specifications, price ranges and model availabilities in a very intuitive way. 


UX & Information Architecture

With the number of car models, options available and VW car dealerships present in the UK, the user experience and information architecture were key for the success of this project. This website contains hundreds of pages precisely detailing the list of features and options available for each model of car and where to find it at the user's nearest VW car dealer.

* Wireframes sample

* Wireframes sample


UI & Mood Boards

Kayen Peppa presented 2 design directions for this project. One direction was more "organic" mimicking the cars' hood and the VW logo placement within it. The other direction was meant to be with a more clean "corporate" feel. The second direction was chosen.          


The Result

Once the design direction was chosen, the design team at Kayen Peppa applied it to all the wireframes. As the work progressed, each page was presented and approved by the VW team to insure it followed the initial direction, and that all the UI components were consistent.