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Crafting unforgettable,
Immersive design

Ambitious companies need solid and reliable partners. 

To help them, we seek opportunities at the crossing where stories, systems,
and communities converge. This rich creative territory is where we create the best work.

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Research & Discovery

Design & Prototyping


Research & Discovery

User Personas



User Testing

Visual Design

UI Development

Iteration & Refinement

Launch & Monitoring


With a diverse range of services tailored to meet your needs,
Kayen Peppa is here to elevate your online presence and captivate your audience.

With a diverse range of services tailored to meet your needs, Kayen Peppa is here to elevate your online presence and captivate your audience.


User Interviews and Surveys

Gather user feedback for analysis.

Persona Development
Construct user archetypes for reference.
Usability Testing
Assess interface with user trials.
Competitor Analysis
Analyze rivals for design insights.
User Journey Mapping
Chart user interactions for comprehension.
Card Sorting
Categorize content using user input.
Heuristic Evaluation
Scrutinize interface against usability metrics.
Accessibility Audits
Verify adherence to accessibility guidelines.


Predictive and Innovative UX
Complex wireframing
Rapid & advanced Prototyping
User flows, and edge cases
Information Architecture
Gather user feedback for analysis.
Interaction Design
Engineer intuitive user-system interactions
Usability Testing
Validate design hypotheses empirically
Accessibility Design
Ensure compliance with WCAG standards
UX Strategy Development
Formulate user-centric strategic frameworks
UX Audits and Reviews
Conduct heuristic evaluations for optimization


Digital Creative Direction
Strategic positioning
Visual Design
Engineer coherent interface aesthetics
Design System & Normalization
Meticulous design documentation standards.
Iconography Design
Intuitive visual communication elements.
Data Visualization
Data analysis for visual translation
Scripting and Storytelling
UI Animation Design
Integrate motion design seamlessly.
Responsive Design
Ensure cross-platform adaptability rigorously


Product Strategy Development

Formulate strategic vision and alignment.
Product Conceptualization
Transmute concepts into actionable blueprints
E-com website
Custom design, Shopify, wooCommerce...
SaaS Platform
Fintech, healthcare, Education, HR, ...
Promotional and Experimental Websites
Promotional Websites
Innovation Testing Ground
High conversion Landin Pages
Lead capture, Splash, Sales, Click-through
Native Mobile App
iOS, Android
Digital Ads
Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, X, ...

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Brickell Plaza, FL 33131

+1 (786) 972 4860

Julien Gray

Senior Product Designer

Client Testimonials
"Julien was very responsive to our communications and flexible with meeting availability. Took our project requirements and delivered exactly what we were looking for. I enjoyed working with Julien and will likely work with him again when the opportunity arises."
Freddy Shamoon
"As always, Julien is not only creative, but quick, reliable, and responsive. He manages to take our vision and run with it with very little direction, and the result is always exactly what we're looking for. We'll be working with him again!"
Jordan Scheffler
"Julien is a great asset to any company or project. He was able to quickly get familiar with our company and hit the ground running to build a design system using Figma. He was able to complete projects on time and with little oversight. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Julien for any product design project."
Chris Tanzi
"Julien is a super smart and talented creative director. Appreciated his time and expertise. We'll look to connect again for a large project."
Howard Daniel
"Julien continues to do an excellent job for us. We have used him on several design projects and he continues to impress!"
Collin David
"We hired Julien with the intent of creating a new UI design for a mobile app from scratch. He was able to work at our budget, and met deadlines. Great work, and we will be using him regularly as our team designer as much as possible in the future!"
Thomas Tovin
"This is the second project we've worked on with Julien and he has been absolutely wonderful to work with. He is communicative, professional, flexible, and talented! We look forward to offering him more projects in the future and to continue working with him for any of our interactive design needs."
Gina Gardner
"Julien was really great to work with. He started the relationship off on the right foot by scheduling a call to really understand our goals and objectives with the project. He communicated well and had a great finished project. I would hire Julien again."
Annie Robert