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Atom is a domain registrar offering business naming solutions through their "Naming Tool" and "Naming Contest" services. The "Naming Tool" provides creative name options from experts, while the "Naming Contest" allows clients to collaborate with consultants to develop a unique, trademark-worthy brand name.


Brand Identity Development

Product Design (UX/UI)

Advanced Prototyping

Design System

Branding & Aesthetic

Building on the completed wireframes, I established the visual aesthetics for Atom with these design decisions: A very light gray background provides a clean, open canvas to align with the creative focus. Abstract graphic shapes in bold, energetic colors like vibrant orange, green and purple add visual interest and personality. The minimalist UI remains lightweight to keep attention on user-generated content. Friendly, approachable fonts balance professionalism with casual creativity. Ample negative space and selection of graphical elements creates an inviting atmosphere for ideation. Consistent layouts allow intuitive navigation that gets out of the way. The thoughtful aesthetic balances professional presentation with the vibrant, innovative energy of crowdsourced creativity. In harmony with the wireframes, the design promotes an engaging platform for creative collaboration.

The Mobile Experience

Having defined the website's core pages, navigation and workflows through clean wireframes, and established the bold, energetic visual branding, my next objective was building an intuitive mobile experience. I simplified and streamlined key desktop flows for mobile while retaining brand consistency through color palette and graphic elements.

Leveraging mobile best practices like bottom tabs and drop-down menus optimized for touch, I focused on contest visibility, submission and selection ease. The end result provides users an engaging channel to harness creative talent through optimized mobile access.

The Naming Contest Creation

Conducting user research and identifying key naming process steps, I designed an intuitive, step-by-step funnel workflow that guides clients through contest creation by gathering necessary details like industry, brand personality and name length.

The funnel allows clients to seamlessly set prize amounts, duration, and review contest briefs prior to publishing, with the goal of simplifying the process to attract high quality submissions. Iterative design testing ensures an optimized contest creation experience for clients seeking the perfect business or product name.

Information Architecture

Atom's website presents its naming solutions in a straightforward manner. The main navigation highlights their two core offerings - the 'Naming Tool' and 'Naming Contest' - with clear explanations of each service. The 'Naming Tool' section allows users to specify their industry and brand attributes, generating a list of creative name options from Atom's experts. The more comprehensive 'Naming Contest' follows a structured process, walking clients through questionnaires to share their vision before naming consultants suggest trademark-screened name candidates. Each suggested name includes details on its linguistic construction, meaning, and availability across domains and social media. A 'Name Vault' archives previously explored options, while a 'Branding Hub' provides resources on logo design, brand guidelines, and marketing strategies to fully activate the new brand identity.

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Brickell Plaza, FL 33131

+1 (786) 972 4860

Julien Gray

Senior Product Designer

Client Testimonials
"Julien was very responsive to our communications and flexible with meeting availability. Took our project requirements and delivered exactly what we were looking for. I enjoyed working with Julien and will likely work with him again when the opportunity arises."
Freddy Shamoon
"As always, Julien is not only creative, but quick, reliable, and responsive. He manages to take our vision and run with it with very little direction, and the result is always exactly what we're looking for. We'll be working with him again!"
Jordan Scheffler
"Julien is a great asset to any company or project. He was able to quickly get familiar with our company and hit the ground running to build a design system using Figma. He was able to complete projects on time and with little oversight. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Julien for any product design project."
Chris Tanzi
"Julien is a super smart and talented creative director. Appreciated his time and expertise. We'll look to connect again for a large project."
Howard Daniel
"Julien continues to do an excellent job for us. We have used him on several design projects and he continues to impress!"
Collin David
"We hired Julien with the intent of creating a new UI design for a mobile app from scratch. He was able to work at our budget, and met deadlines. Great work, and we will be using him regularly as our team designer as much as possible in the future!"
Thomas Tovin
"This is the second project we've worked on with Julien and he has been absolutely wonderful to work with. He is communicative, professional, flexible, and talented! We look forward to offering him more projects in the future and to continue working with him for any of our interactive design needs."
Gina Gardner
"Julien was really great to work with. He started the relationship off on the right foot by scheduling a call to really understand our goals and objectives with the project. He communicated well and had a great finished project. I would hire Julien again."
Annie Robert