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Your Song

The innovative new app YourSong lets users co-create a custom song with their favorite musical artist. After selecting the artist, users complete a form indicating the song style, genre, theme, and more to generate a unique musical experience. With YourSong, consumers can now produce a personalized, one-of-a-kind track tailored to their taste by collaborating with top music talent.


Brand Identity Development

Product Design (UX/UI)

Advanced Prototyping

Design System

Design & Aesthetic

The YourSong branding utilizes a dark gray palette to convey premium quality while lively pops of bright orange, yellow, and soft green create a fun, contemporary aesthetic. With rounded corners and a minimalist style, the designs aim to feel approachable yet sophisticated, mirroring the platform's service that enables users to get custom songs tailored to their taste.

The Mobile Experience

The YourSong mobile app enables users to easily commission and manage custom songs on the go. Intuitive menus and simplified flows allow seamless genre/artist selection, song details submission, artist reviewing, feedback provision, and final song approval. Mobile-optimized elements like thumb-friendly interactions and responsive design ensure an accessible experience whether users are on their phone or tablet.

Key aspects focus on streamlining and tailoring the desktop flows for mobile, leveraging gestures and swipe patterns, minimizing excessive typing, and emphasizing key actions like selecting, uploading, and approving. The result is an optimized mobile experience that translates the creative custom song service for on-the-go use.

The Song Creation Funnel

Users start by selecting their music genre/artist style preferences, then fill out a form indicating details like song purpose, mood, themes, etc. Their input is used to match with and commission an appropriate artist for the custom song creation. The platform allows users to review the artist's proposal, provide feedback if desired, and approve the final song prior to download.mized contest creation experience for clients seeking the perfect business or product name.

The Artist Dashboard

The artist dashboard allows musicians to review new song requests, including the genre, purpose, and creative direction details submitted by users. Artists can accept commissions, compose the songs tailored to the users' needs, submit drafts for feedback, and manage the request process all within their personalized dashboard.

The Commissioner Dashboard

The client dashboard allows users to track the progress of their custom song request by providing visibility into the matched artist and creation process. Users can view song draft submissions, provide feedback, approve final versions, and manage the request process from their personalized dashboard.

User Journey

As the lead UX designer, I devised the end-to-end logic and journey for this custom song application. Users start by selecting their preferred musical genre or artist style, then fill out a questionnaire indicating the song's purpose, desired mood, etc. to inform the creation. The order and payment are submitted to commission the artist, and the user can track progress as the song is composed just for them according to their creative direction. Once complete, the custom song is delivered to the user for download and enjoyment as a personalized musical experience. My design thinking brought this innovative service to life by mapping out an intuitive process catered to the user's creative needs.

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Julien Gray

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